Online Typography Tutorials

Looking for some fun type-based tutorials to explore in your down time? The web provides an abundance of typography-based tutorials to help increase your design skills in Illustrator and Photoshop. If you’re looking to become more proficient in the technology in order to better actualize your ideas – this may be just what you’re looking for.

Generally, the tutorials should take about 2 hours or so to complete (but some will be MUCH longer, a few shorter). But, be warned – some tutorials are better than others in describing the step-by-step process. So remember to bring a zeal for learning a dash a patience as you begin each one.

I will try to keep adding tutorials to the end of the list as time advances the technology, but this should be a great place to start!


PSDTuts (Photoshop)

1. Choose any one of the following 50 Creative Photoshop Text Effects

2. How to Create an Ice Text Effect with Photoshop

3. How to Create a Gorgeous Glassy Text Effect

4. How to Create a Richly Ornate Typographic Illustration

5. Create Destructive Black and White Lettering with a Dramatic Splash Effect – Screencast or Step-byStep

6. 6 Quick’n’Dirty Photoshop Text Effects From Scratch

7. How to Create High Quality Metal 3D Text in Photoshop

8. How to Create a Copper Photoshop Text Effect

9. How to Quickly Create a Stylish Retro Text Effect

10. Super Cool Frilly Bits Typography

11. Create a Glowing Surreal Planet Design – Screencast or Step-by-Step

12. Dynamic Recessed Watercolor Typography Effect in Photoshop – Screencast

13. Quick Gold Text in Photoshop – Screencast

14. Designing a Typographic Concept Poster

15. Create a Steam Powered Typographic Treatment – Part I

16. Create a Steam Powered Typographic Treatment – Part II

17. Plastic Text in Photoshop – Screencast

18. Make an Inspiring Artistic Poster with Drawn Elements

19. Create a Layered Glowing Text Effect

20. Dramatic Text on Fire Effect in Photoshop

21. 6 Quick’n’Dirty Photoshop Text Effects From Scratch (you must do ALL 6 if you choose this tutorial)

22. Create a Spectacular Grass Text Effect in Photoshop

23. Create a 60’s Psychedelic Style Concert Poster

24. Design Soft Stylized 3D Type

25. Quick Grungy Poster

26. How to Put Smokin’ Bullet Holes and a Wanted Sign into a Piece of Wood

27. How To Create A Gold Text Effect In Photoshop

28. A Slick Supernatural Text Effect

29. Using Light and Shade to Bring Text to Life

30. Transparent Glass Lettering in Photoshop

31. Metallic Styles in Photoshop (remember to use your initials, rather than the icon they use here)

32. Plastic Jelly Styles

33. Create a Retro Sign from Scratch Using Advanced Techniques in Photoshop


VectorTuts (Illustrator)

1. How to Add Decorative Glamour to Your Ordinary Script Font

2. Use Illustrator to Create a Fun, 3D, Character Logo

3. How to Create Smoky Brushes and Type In Illustrator CS4

4. How to Create a Flag Graphic with Type in InDesign

5. Let’s Make a Playful Yet Robust 3D Letter Design

6. Make a Torn Vector Desktop Wallpaper with Angled Text

7. Create a Swirly Type Treatment

8. Create a Vibrant 3D Pixel Type Treatment

9. How to Create a Trendy Retro Type Treatment

10. Creating an Environmentally Friendly Green Type Treatment

11. Create A Jeweled Dollar Sig

12. How to Create a Smokin’ Western Type Treatment in Illustrator

13. Paint Roller Illustration

14. Wooden Text Effect

15. Green Viscous Text Effect