The New York “T”

The New York Times has a special fashion magazine that constantly redefines the trademark “T” using photography, illustration, and pattern. In this men’s issue, the designer Olivier Theyskens transformed New York City into the “T” using satellite images of the city. Read all about the process of reshaping New York into the letter “T” titled “Over Abundance.”

Oliver writes: “Manhattan so strongly represents the worlds of fashion, art, culture and design, all of which embody everything the magazine stands for. I worked with an extremely high resolution satellite map to get all the details of the city and did plenty of graphic design work to make it all fit perfectly into the shape of the “T.” It was a thrilling game to place every neighborhood and famous building or park inside it.”

Designers has embraced the fantastic shape of the “T” in other additions of the magazine, making creative use of typography to show off the title.“For many of us, the “T” art has become the favorite feature of the magazine.”