Light For All

Check out the amazing calligraphy of street artist Karim Jabbari as he takes the streets of Montreal (Canada) and Abu Dhabi (UAE) where he delivers “breathtaking calligraffiti walls and light calligraphies.”

On April 1, ARA Gallery will be hosting a workshop with Karim where you can learn how to create calligraphy from light. A not-to-be-missed, unique experience for sure! Stop by Ara Gallery to reserve your space in the class!

Karim Jabbari is considered as one of the most respected lightgraff artists in the Arab world. His quest for innovation and discovering new ways to incorporate the Arabic calligraphy pushed him to give a new dimension to that discipline. With an SLR camera and flashlight he is able to produce some breathtaking calligraphies with the light hanged in the space, it gives the illusion that the photos are digitally modified when in fact they’re the pure movement of the artist caught on camera.”

Calligraphy as a bridge between civilizations