Ice Typography

A typographic installation of frozen typography brought to you by Nicole Dextras, an environmental artist from Vancouver. Her Ice Typography series consists of three-dimensional words fabricated in ice ranging in size from 8-foot high letters to 18-inch high.

From the artist’s statement:
“The visual poetry in this series aims to subvert the authority of the English language and the commerce of signage by representing words as vulnerable and shifting. Ice Typography absorbs light, melts and eventually leaves no trace; these words have more in common with dreams and oral stories than linear language. Words cast in ice interrupt our literal narratives, allowing a more integrated reading of the land we inhabit, as opposed to the past and current commodification of land as limitless resource. This fundamental split in perception lies at the crux of our environmental crisis. I therefore choose to create within an ephemeral vernacular to accentuate the collective physical and psychological experience of flux and change.”