Fontstruct Download and Install Process

Wondering how to Download your Typeface? It’s easy! Just follow the simple steps below.

How to download and install your “name” font:

Simply go to your Fonstruct account and choose “View” within the FontStruction you want to download.


Next, click “download” and the program will produce a zipped folder for you.

You can email the zipped folder to any friend to install your typeface on their computer.

Install your font in your Font Manager:

  • Double click on the zipped file that you downloaded from Fontstruct to access your “new” font file (and folder).
  • Carefully decide on a place to keep your font(s). Your Font Manager will always need a safe path to find your font(s). If not, you Font Manger might become confused (if not this week, next week).
  • Open your Font Manager (likely Font Book) and create a new folder for your Type 1 Typefaces
  • Drag and drop the “new” font file (from the “safe” folder) into a folder within Font Book. Font Book should automatically activate the font, ready for use in any of your Adobe programs.

NOTE: If you have tried this process a few times (while you were perfecting your font in Fonststruct) make sure to completely delete the font out of Font Book BEFORE you try to reinstall it. Otherwise, it won’t replace it – it will just remember the old version of your font. You might also change the name of the font when you download it out of FontStruct to clarify to the program that it is a “new” font.