Brand Story and Honey Packaging

Limited edition HONEY from Summer Surf Shack in Montauk and their 20,000 little honey bees. Fun packaging, of course! This jar of honey has a great brand story as part of a “limited edition” run of bottles containing honey from Chandelier bees. The lid reads:

“Our Chandelier bees will each have flown over 500 miles: feeding in gardens from the McMansions in the Hamptons to the surf-side gardens. Our queen bees kept a loving eye over all their devoted workers ensuring they made the best honey possible. So from our hive to yours, we wish you a sweet 2012.”

How does your brand story hold up in comparison? Does it have a unique message to grab people’s attention? Continue to refine your brand story as you work on your designs in Illustrator… and as always… have fun with the process!