I hope you enjoyed the documentary Art & Copy by director Doug Pray that we watched in class today. ART & COPY is a fascinating film made in 2009 about advertising and inspiration. Directed by Doug Pray, it reveals the work and wisdom of some of the most influential advertising creatives of our time — people who have profoundly impacted our culture, yet are virtually unknown outside their industry.

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George Lois, Mary Wells, Dan Wieden, Lee Clow, Hal Riney and others featured in ART & COPY were responsible for “Just Do It,” “I Love NY,” “Where’s the Beef?,” “Got Milk,” “Think Different,” and brilliant campaigns for everything from cars to presidents. They managed to grab the attention of millions and truly move them. Visually interwoven with their stories, TV satellites are launched, billboards are erected, and the social and cultural impact of their ads are brought to light in this dynamic exploration of art, commerce, and human emotion.

– Chicago Sun-Times

“A deeply fascinating movie…you’ll probably never be able to look at commercials and ads the same way again.”

“Like a good ad, Art & Copy bounds along and never bores. That’s a big credit to Pray’s savvy compilation and of editor Philip Owens’ crisp cuts.”
– Hollywood Reporter

“The joy that these creative types experience when their work is successful and the seriousness with which they approach their craft comes shining through. Along the way, viewers get caught up in their exuberance.”
– NY1-TV