Senior Studio & BFA Thesis

What does a Graphic Design thesis look like at VCUarts Qatar? Anything you can imagine! Students explore various materials, methods, and investigations to carve out a unique space for themselves, from printed matter to speculative artifacts. As a course dedicated to the BFA thesis, the Senior Studio engages with the multiple facets of design studies, serving as a proposition explained by design research and written elements. The form an individual thesis takes is “in the service of an idea,” as Michael Vanderbyl explains.

As a semester-long journey, students embrace their creative independence and orient themselves toward design practice in the contexts of design, industry, culture, and the world. Students bring together their knowledge, skills, and experiences to synthesize those ideas into a cohesive body of work, culminating in a thesis website and a group exhibition at VCUarts Qatar.

Co-taught with Basma Hamdy