Light Post Banners: Three Designers, Two Continents, One Cause

As a visual form of language, typography has cultural and social meanings embedded in its use. Typography can emphasize information, provide personal connections to an observer, and create deep emotional resonance. As such, this project explores how design can be used to help bridge social divides through communication and typography on light post banners.

Students worked as part of a team (of two or three students) to address topics such as gender discrimination, religious persecution, and equity for people with disabilities, among others with students at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor (led by Kelly Murdoch-Kitt). In addition to tackling the divides represented in their chosen topics, teams co-created pairs of banners to hang on either side of a light post, while also addressing the physical divide between the two banners.

Co-taught with Basma Hamdy & Kelly Murdoch-Kitt