Human-Centered Design & Community Engagement

This project serves as a starting point towards finding connections between design and community engagement while helping develop students’ confidence in their abilities as a researcher. As a community-researcher, students learn about the lives, experiences, opinions, and ideas of people and facilitate inclusiveness in their research process, project, and long-term goals.

Working in teams, students decide on a strategy that honors the input of the participants and/or community members they work with. The aim is to translate the findings into a visual strategy that represents the voice of the individual they interview in a meaningful way through narrative, storytelling, and documentary methods.

Teams also visually construct a strategy that considers and is translated into, the preferred language of the person interviewed. While the medium is up to the team, it should relate back to your research questions and the social and/or cultural circumstances of the participant. Video, animation, print, and interactive methods are all potential media to communicate with the audience.

Co-taught with Basma Hamdy