Social Design GLOSSARY

Public Interest Design has put together a glossary of social impact design terminology to help clarify some of the similar language that is used throughout the field. They are eager to improve the glossary and welcome corrections, edits, and additions.

They write: “In the emerging field of social impact design, we’ve seen important discussions and efforts hamstrung, sidetracked, or misunderstood due to the lack of a unifying vocabulary. This glossary sheds light on the redundancy of certain words and phrases, and we hope it also sheds light on the fact that many leaders and practitioners are using different terms to describe almost identical processes and approaches. Despite arguments over “correct” terminology, we are all speaking the same language.”

Alphabetically listed, it includes:

  • co-design
  • community design
  • community development
  • community-driven design
  • creative placemaking
  • design for all
  • design for good
  • design for social change
  • design for the other 90%
  • design for the 98% without architects
  • embedded design
  • evidence-based design
  • human-centered design
  • humanitarian design
  • impact design
  • participatory design
  • pro bono design
  • public interest design
  • resilient design
  • social design
  • social impact design
  • social sustainability
  • social/econoimic/environmental design
  • socially responsible design
  • socially-responsive design
  • socially-responsible enlightened design
  • service design
  • strategic design
  • system design
  • transformation design
  • value-based practice

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