IDEO Method Cards

As you work on your Social Change projects over break, you might be interested in looking at IDEO’s Method Cards for the iphone or ipad. The app was released as a free download with 8 cards and if you like how it works, you can purchase the full deck of 51 cards for $4.99.

IDEO writes: “Use the Method Card app to take a new view, to inspire creativity, to communicate with your team, or to turn a corner in your thinking.

Inspired by playing cards, the 51 cards are classified as four suits—Ask, Watch, Learn, Try—that define the types of activities involved in using each method. Each approach is illustrated by a real-life example of how the method was applied to a specific project.

• Learn: Analyze the information you’ve collected to identify patterns and insights.
• Look: Observe people to discover what they do rather than what they say they do.
• Ask: Enlist people’s participation to elicit information relevant to your project
• Try: Create simulations to help empathize with people and to evaluate proposed designs.