Print Booklet to PDF in InDesign

If you’re looking for a workaround to create a PDF out of InDesign using the “Print Booklet” feature – you’re in luck. Here is the simple step-by-step process.

Getting Started

Please make sure you’re working in 4-page pagination. In this example, I am using 8 pages, with the cover located on the traditional default position in InDesign (page 1) and – the back cover is the last page (page 8). I have made the background black for easy reference.

Step 1

Choose “File” > “Print Booklet” in InDesign.

Print Booklet Menu

If your file is correctly setup on the appropriate sized paper, your “Setup” window will appear without any warning symbols (as seen below). Proceed to Step 2. If you have a yellow yield-sign next to the “Preview” window, proceed to the following Yield-Symbol Note.

Note: Yield-Symbol

Depending on the size of your page and your printer capabilities – you may get a warning message that “the booklet doesn’t fit the current page size” as in this example below.

In this case, all you need to do is make a few adjustments to the print “Setup” using the “Print Settings” button.

First, click the “Print Settings” button and choose “Setup” from the menu on the left. Make  adjustments based on your printer capabilities and page size. In my case, I will adjust my settings by choosing “Scale to Fit” and horizontal orientation in the “Setup” Area.

NOTE: IF you are working on a small booklet (the 10cm x 10cm booklet for Basic Design) there is no need to choose the “Scale to Fit” option. This example is for a larger page size.

Click OK and your page should adjust to your printer size/features. You should now notice that your cover and backcover are next to each other in the Preview window.

Step 2

If your “Preview” window looks similar to the image above (with cover next to backcover as shown) and there are no warning symbols –  you are ready for this step. In this step, you will create a Postscript file that you will later convert to a PDF outside of InDesign. It will be a simple series of buttons you need to click to get to the correct area, so let’s get started.

1. Click on the “Print Settings” Button found at the bottom of the “Print Booklet” window.

2. Click on the “Printer” Button at the bottom of that window

3. Click on the “PDF” Button at the bottom of that window

Step 3

Now that you’ve arrived at the correct window, choose “Save as Postscript” from the Dropdown menu under “PDF”

Name the file “” and now click a series of “save/ok/print” buttons:

1. Click “Save”  (which will bring you back to the “Print” window)

2. Click “OK” (which will bring you back to the “Print Booklet” window)

3. Click “Print” in the last window (technically you are back to the initial window you opened using this feature). Now, instead of your document printing, InDesign will create a Postscript file titled “” on your desktop (or wherever you have told it to save).

Step 4

Simply drop your Postscript file into Adobe Acrobat and voila! You should have a fully functional, ready for print, PDF.