Typography Day 2012

The 5th annual Typography Day Conference (TypoDay 2012) was organized at the Industrial Design Centre (IDC) at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. The conference allowed me to share research, network with typographers from across the globe and collect research on mother-tongue typography projects.

TypographyDay 2012 India 2

Over a three day period, TypoDay 2012 addressed issues faced by type designers, type users, and type educators under the theme ‘Typography in Publication Design.’

TypographyDay 2012 India 5

TypographyDay 2012 India 6

After a double-blind peer-review of my paper, “Teaching Maya to the Next Generation: Children’s Publication Design in a Multilingual Context” I was invited to present the research during the three-day conference.

TypographyDay 2012 India 4

It was an exciting opportunity (although somewhat intimidating) to present to such a large auditorium of designers, students, and faculty. But the audience was receptive and engaged throughout each presentation, including my own.

TypographyDay 2012 India 7
TypoDay 2012 Publication Design 3TypoDay 2012 Publication Design 2

I’m looking forward to integrating the feedback I received into my upcoming research and hope to eventually collaborate with some of the outstanding designers I met during the event.

TypoDay 2012 Mubai

TypographyDay 2012 India 8