This is What Matters to Me

“This is What Matters to Me” is a new project by KharmaNYC that unites 9 international designers each supporting what matters to them (some of which include: Urban Arts, Spanish Greyhound Rescue, and Unite Through Surf). Two of my favorite T-shirt designs are below for you to enjoy, but please do visit the site and support these create causes.

I can’t help but love the working philosophy of KharmaNYC who is a company after my own heart. Check out a few excerpts from their story:

“With each product we make, and each piece of ours that’s purchased, you are benefiting a cause that’s real and human. It’s as simple as that. We work with organizations that inspire us. And in the same way that we love uniqueness, we love people who are changing the world in a unique way. So we make pieces that will support them and help spread their message. Kharma is our method of creating beautiful products that have a tangible effect on the world around us.”

“Childhood cancer takes the lives of more children under the age of 20 than any other disease. Yet, of those successfully treated and cured, still 60% will suffer long term side effects from current approaches to therapy. CureSearch National Childhood Cancer Foundation ( supports the life-saving work of the Children’s Oncology Group (COG), the world’s premiere pediatric cancer research collaborative that treats more than 90% of all children with cancer. Their work has raised the survival rate of childhood cancer to nearly 80% and provides thousands of children with a second chance at living life.” –Mario Hugo

“Every individual has the right to be free. But for the Tibetan people, even their basic rights have been stripped away by an oppressive Chinese government. Students for a Free Tibet (SFT, work with the Tibetan people in their struggle for freedom and independence, giving them a voice when they otherwise would be silenced. Through education, grassroots organizing, and non-violent direct action, SFT’s goal is to provide all Tibetans their fundamental right to political freedom. I have depicted a land that’s attempting to rise up –despite its struggles — in a peaceful and honorable way. The Tibetan characters in the print stand for independence (Rangzen).” –Marta Cerda Alimbau