Tasmeem Doha 2013

We just got back from the Tasmeem Doha (Hybrid Making) Conference yesterday and wow, what an adventure! After spending the weekend of March 16 and 17 focused on the dual themes of hybridization—in terms of interdisciplinarity or collaborative work—we headed back to a busy Art Week in Dubai (Design Days, Art Dubai, and more SIKKA!).

Tasmeem Doha is an international art and design conference held biennially at VCUQatar, with exhibitions and presentations by artists, designers and architects (Rem Koolhaas was the keynote). The conference was held at the Student Center (Ar-Rayyan, Al Rayyan) in Education city.

Tasmeem Doha Qatar 2013 8Tasmeem Doha Qatar 2013 1Tasmeem Doha Qatar 2013 2Tasmeem Doha Qatar 2013 3

I was honored to present alongside architect and urban planner, Adina Hempel, within the Tasmeem Exploration Platform (TEP) running parallel to the conference’s lecture presentations and film festival.

Tasmeem Doha Qatar 2013 10

There was a variety of exhibitions throughout the student center to share the design work of both VCUQatar faculty and students.

Tasmeem Doha Qatar 2013 7Tasmeem Doha Qatar 2013Tasmeem Doha Qatar 2013 6Tasmeem Doha Qatar 2013 5Tasmeem Doha Qatar 2013 4