RVArts Majlis Conversations

I really enjoyed chatting with the collaborative team of Valerie Molnar & Matt Spahr during the special Tasmeem edition of the video podcast VCU ALT Lab, entitled RVArts Majlis Conversations. The RVArts Cultural Passport is a VCUarts Richmond initiative that explores the diversity of visual and performing arts in the Richmond area by featuring conversations between diverse faculty members. The 2017 Tasmeem Doha edition was streamed live to the home campus ‘Depot’ interdisciplinary space.

Basma Hamdy and I were paired with Valerie Molnar & Matt Spahr to discuss how design processes relate to the analog/digital continuum in design. We were happy to share our thoughts about our own Design CoLab collaborative practice as a means to serve the cultural context of the MENA region.

Matt Spahr and Valerie Molnar have been a collaborative team since 2012. Together, they work to investigate the transfer of energy and the dynamic exchange within nature with color, form, and complex time-based installation. Through plants, residual haunting, sculpture, and painting they experiment and debate on both real and romantic ideas of the inherent and potentially inherent attributes of naturally occurring phenomenon in our universe.