Reimagining Health & Safety Communication in Qatar

I am so grateful to this incredible group of people for dedicating their time and creative energy to the workshop series “Reimagining Health & Safety Communication for Multilingual Workers in Qatar.” What an honor it has been to work together to examine, discuss, and design for inclusive and accessible health, safety, and wellness. You are ALL superstars in my eyes!!

Goals of the workshop included:

  • Support construction workers from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds
  • Discuss ways to overcome barriers to communication
  • Explore how graphic design can assist in better communicating health and safety information to the diverse workforce.

This workshop began with a Design Sprint, aimed at understanding how communication designers utilize design to respond to the need for inclusive occupational health and safety media in Doha’s linguistically and culturally diverse construction sector.

In the next stages, we all worked together to come up with some quick prototypes and expand on them in a group format. We then worked together to create digital prototypes of our chosen idea (as an individual or in teams). These digital prototypes will be shared with HSE stakeholders in Doha as part of a Recommendations Packet for communicating health and safety information to multilingual workers in Qatar.

Thank you also goes to all the unnamed folks who made this research possible by sharing their knowledge, expertise, recommendations, and insights from the field with me. I am looking forward to putting all these ideas into writing and initiating more collaborations between designers and the HSE industry! Missing you in the group shot @fak2cool @izzaalyssa @shima.aeen