Just Sustainability: Hope for the Commons Conference

Hosted by the Seattle University Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability, the Just Sustainability: Hope for the Commons Conference focused on the intimate connections between environmental justice and sustainability.

True sustainability can only be achieved when all communities have healthy air, water, food, green space, and security, and when all people have meaningful involvement in the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies.

As part of the conference lineup, I virtually presented “Gulf to Great Lakes: Cross-Cultural Design Collaborations in Water Sustainability” with Kelly Murdoch-Kitt, while she single-handedly presented our project “Sustainability at the forefront: Educating students through complex challenges in design and communication” due to the extreme time difference. After all the positive feedback and comments we received for our work, I really hope to attend in person next year.

A big thank you to the conference organizers for helping us to present our design and sustainability study, using virtual tools. It is not always easy to travel across the world to participate in conferences (as much as I would like to) and it means a lot when we receive support to disseminate our research in innovative manners.