Intercultural Collaboration by Design

I am excited to announce that the book I have been working on with Kelly M. Murdoch-Kitt is available for pre-order! “Intercultural Collaboration by Design” introduces a framework for collaborating across cultures and features charming illustrations by illustrator Tammi Heneveld.

This handbook helps people work, learn, and teach across cultures. Through the activities highlighted in this book, virtual and intercultural teams will find a practical route for initiating and sustaining productive work across disciplinary and social barriers. Teams can craft a plan to achieve their goals by selecting the activities that best meet their needs and interests. First-person anecdotes from the authors demonstrate how the activities encourage teams to embrace diverse perspectives in order to create innovative solutions. 

With over 30 hands-on activities, this book will be of great interest to diverse teams from a variety of disciplines who want to enhance intercultural learning and co-working. Whether in the classroom or workplace, the activities are appropriate for a variety of collaboration contexts, without a need for a background in art or design.

We are also in the process of developing a complementary web-tool to bring global teams together called ORBIT (Online Resource for Building Intercultural Teams). ORBIT invites you to channel your passion into action through interdisciplinary partnerships. Set up a profile, tell us what global challenges interest you most, and the system will match you with potential collaborators in education, industry, and the public sector.

ORBIT will launch in beta soon, and we’d like to offer you an opportunity to sign up for early access to this groundbreaking resource. We will let you know as soon as ORBIT launches so you can create your collaborator profile. We will protect your contact information and only use it to communicate with you about ORBIT. Sign up now!

We’ve already received some wonderful feedback from leaders in the field, including:

“This book is a much needed, practical guide for teams and organizations looking to collaborate across differences. The authors’ deep appreciation for diversity helps them deliver a research driven approach that I look forward to integrating into my own practice.”

Dr. Tiffany Jana, Founder of the TMI Portfolio of companies and author of Overcoming Bias, Erasing Institutional Bias, The B Corp Handbook 2nd edition, and Subtle Acts of Exclusion.

“Whether your team is in the workplace or the classroom, Intercultural Collaboration by Design will empower you with design-based practices adapted for multidisciplinary use to build a world where people communicate across boundaries. The book’s activities will enhance creativity, intercultural awareness, and team focus.”

Robin Landa, Distinguished Professor, Michael Graves College of Kean University