AIGA New Ventures: Intersections in Design Education

I had the unique opportunity to virtually present my research with Kelly Murdoch–Kitt at the AIGA Design Education Conference, New Ventures: Intersections in Design Education, held in Portland, Oregon. Our paper, titled “Click. Connect. Crit: Teaching global collaboration for international design innovation,” was met with great interest as we shared ideas about our experience teaching design collaboration across international borders.

New ventures are propelling design educators and students to rethink what types of experiences best serve a design education in the 21st century. How does a program’s location within a school, college or university create broader opportunities for learning as well as more defined, discipline specific learning? What potential collaborations occur when new partners emerge? How do different student cultures (i.e., business, engineering and graphic design students) work together? How can faculty from different disciplines co-create a new model of design education? From the creation of new types of graduate programs to the physical creation of design think tanks and venture accelerator programs on campuses, a new landscape of collaboration, intersection and adventure is quickly emerging.