AASHE 2015 Conference & Expo

I recently returned from the ‘AASHE 2015 Conference and Expo: Transforming Sustainability Education‘ and am bursting with sustainability-related ideas and inspiration. Having been accepted to the Conference and Expo with Kelly Murdoch-Kitt (following a double-blind, peer review process), I invited four outstanding graphic design students from my “Design for a Sustainable Future” course to participate in this international dissemination opportunity.

AASHE 2015 Conference and Expo

AASHE 2015 Conference and Expo

Our exhibition was presented within the ‘Art’ Track at the Minneapolis Convention Center (Exhibit Hall B) under the title, “Co-creating sustainable futures: American and Middle Eastern visual design students explore behavior change.” By cooperating internationally to share effective ideas, this research advocates not only for cross-cultural literacy within the design education curriculum but, also for sustainability’s complex sociocultural and environmental issues to be addressed using “design thinking” approaches. We believe that seeing topics through the lens of a different culture reinforces their global scale and gravity.

AASHE Exhibit

Thank you to the organizers, presenters, and booth representatives for making the conference a fruitful and inspiring event for us all!



AASHE is dedicated to creating a diverse community that is engaged in sharing ideas and promising practices that demonstrate the value and competitive edge created by sustainability initiatives. Drawing approximately 2,100 participants, the conference is currently the largest stage in North America for sharing effective models, policies, research, collaborations and transformative actions which advance sustainability in higher education.


All photos courtesy of AASHEphotos