One of my favorite movies showing the interconnected nature of the environmental, social, and humanitarian issues that are at our doorstep: Home.

Annie Leonard's back with an animated video called the "Story of Solutions." "In the current 'Game of More', we're told to cheer a growing economy -- more roads, more malls, more Stuff! -- even though our health indicators are worsening, income...

One of my dearest friends recently shared the following two projects on the topic of the foreclosure crisis in the United States. Each exposes the magnitude of the problem in tangible, meaningful ways that cannot go overlooked.
Loving this project in Bristol titled Hello Lamp Post as a way to engage the city in a platform of play. "This is an opportunity to rediscover your local environment, share your memories of the city and uncover the stories that other people leave behind.
This video titled "I forgot my phone" is for Hajar who may be looking at this as a topic for the course. It makes you wonder, are we connected to our phone or to the people around us? Can we improve our habits to live in the moment, not the virtual moment?
Beautiful and inspiring way to spread the message about clean water from Kenya. There's a 1 in 5 chance Nkaitole won't reach the age of 5 due to unsafe drinking water. So the folks at "The Gift of Water" helped him complete his bucket list. As a result of their efforts, Nkaitole's entire village and three other villages around his, all got a point of use, bucket water purification system for each home. In October, Nkaitole's village will have a well drilled so they have a constant source of clean water.
Whether it’s the beginning of the semester or a new year, you may have a new mobile phone, iPad or laptop. But what do you do with all the old electronics that are accumulating in your closet? Computers, monitors, mobile phones, cameras, laptops, tablets, printers, routers, cables, batteries, DVD players, anything that is electronic should be recycled and NOT tossed in the landfill where the components can poison the land and water.
The conservation of language, dialect, and accent is an important cultural and anthropological issues facing tribes throughout the United Arab Emirates. The locally based National recently looked into the topic with a spotlight on the Hebus and Shehhu mountain tribes located outside the city in Ras Al Khaimah. Featured in the video are tribe members and linguists who share a glimpse into the history of the Arabic language's evolution in the region.
I just stumbled across this useful post titled "Designing for Children" from the firm Information & Design, based in Melbourne, Australia. The article provides some great information that may help you as you begin thinking about bringing your children's book to life in the digital world. Examine the points they present below and how your considerations must change based on where your audience fits within the early primary, later primary, and high school years.
As you work on your Social Change projects over break, you might be interested in looking at IDEO's Method Cards for the iphone or ipad. The app was released as a free download with 8 cards and if you like how it works, you can purchase the full deck of 51 cards for $4.99.
When you have some free time this week, check out the site Service Design Tools to learn how communication methods can support your design process. The site includes activities such as role play, mind mapping, and story-boarding - along with tools such as motivation matrix, issue cards, and character profiles. There's a lot of great stuff in here that we have been experimenting with in class and may be useful as you consider how to bring in your family/friend to the presentation.
What is Thinking in Systems? Written by Donella Meadows the book offers insight into problem solving on scales ranging from the personal to the global. It shows readers how to "develop the systems-thinking skills that thought leaders across the globe consider critical for 21st-century life."
Public Interest Design has put together a glossary of social impact design terminology to help clarify some of the similar language that is used throughout the field. They are eager to improve the glossary and welcome corrections, edits, and additions.
Here is the "Anti-Advertisting" Coca-Cola Commercial we were talking about in "Design for Social Change" on Obesity. It is certainly a brutally honest ad you'll never see on TV. What do you think??

Manarat Al Saadiyat (in Abu Dhabi) is hosting a year-long family-orientated exhibition called ECO FUTURE that explores the needs of our changing planet. As part of our research for the "Design for Social Change" course, we will visit the exhibition to...