Wood-Firing Pottery

During our (field)trip to Tashkeel today, we were fortunate to catch Assistant Professor Colleen Quigley in action as she taught a wood-firing pottery workshop in the courtyard. We joined the group as pottery pieces were being pulled from a large barrel, one at a time, with the smoldering wood still blowing in the air. The process created a wide range of results including rich deeply-baked pieces, to soft cream-colored pottery.

Check out the awesome pottery created by ZU students coming straight out of the wood-fire barrel. Absolutely beautiful!

Colleen Quigley has exhibited in Italy, Japan, the United States and the U.A.E. Her research interests include subjectivity and the body, migration, representation, popular culture and cultural identity, as well as, postmodern strategies of artmaking in relation to themes of originality, art history, and memory.