Sealine Qatar Field Study

The Senior graphic design students certainly delivered a fabulous location for the Department’s biannual in-country field study. Serving as the primary organizers of the trip, the students led the Department in a Bedouin-style adventure to discover Qatari culture through food, activities, and customs.

The windy day began with a safari ride into the heart of the desert, a landscape where sand dunes roll into the ocean. It’s poetry in motion to see them join seamlessly together.

We were greeted at the campsite by a succulent array of Arabic cuisine, including a barbecue of assorted meats, fresh salads, vegetarian dishes, rice, fruits, and sweets. The Bedouin-style amenities were tailor-made for an afternoon filled with laughter and relaxation. We enjoyed the slow pace of the camel rides, the thrill of sand-surfing, and the fun of local games played in the carpeted tents.