Al Naimi Farms Field Study

We discovered another side of Qatar this February as we toured the sprawling estate of the Al Naimi Farm during our in-country field study. As part of the trip, we witnessed first-hand the different stages of plant growth, from the vegetative phase of plant development to flowering, from tomato saplings to ripe capsicums. The farmers also introduced our group to local farming processes, including adding fertilizers to the irrigation water and the use of a movable generator for power.

After enjoying fruits and sweets together on the farm, we spent the rest of the afternoon at the new ‘second Souq Waqif’ in Al Wakrah. The Al Wakrah Souq has a beautiful sea-side view with buildings designed to look like a fishing village situated along the corniche. We spent the afternoon exploring the narrow alleyways of the quiet and less-traveled destination of this small southern city.

Finally, before heading  back to VCUQ, we shared a phenomenal meal together of spiced chicken, lamb, and rice.