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I’m Denielle
Educator, Author,
& Communication Designer

Slide keyboard_arrow_down A B O U T Hello, my name is Dr. Denielle Janine Emans and I am an
Associate Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University
in Qatar. I am passionate about intercultural communication,
social justice, and empowering teams with visual methods.
In spite of my American accent, I actually come from the
“land down under,” and yes, I love Vegemite sandwiches.
Those who enjoy Marmite, another version of this salty
spread, might bristle to learn that I was born in England,
but still proudly consider myself a global citizen.

Adding yet another country to the mix, my parents
moved to the United States in the early 1980s for an
educational opportunity at Michigan State University.
Although they never expected to make East Lansing, MI,
their permanent home, my parents built a thriving medical
practice in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture
in this highly international city. Beyond these formative
life events, I have been immersed in the rich intercultural
experience of living and working in the Gulf Arab Region
of the Middle East since 2011.
Nice to meet you!

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Slide Associate Professor I specialize in the area of communication design,
with an emphasis on bringing intercultural perspectives
and participatory practices together to fuel creative
action. I have taught at the university-level for over
15 years and encourage students to think of themselves
as influential craftsmen and storytellers with the ability
to lead change. I describe my own design practice as a
language that works across industries in order to create
engaging experiences and inclusive environments.
Doctor of Philosophy I recently completed my Ph.D. at the University of Queensland
within Australia's Centre for Communication and Social Change.
As a program grounded in the social sciences, the center specializes
in the study, research, and practical application of communication
processes in sustainable development. My dissertation is entitled
“Behind the visual: Designing for inclusive, equitable and accessible
occupational health and safety communication in Qatar.” This study
explores an underlying sociological concern about the relationship
between labor migration and intercultural communication through
a case study approach in Doha, Qatar.
Author "Intercultural Collaboration by Design" introduces a framework for
collaboration that uses multicultural perspectives to address pressing
global issues. Co-authored with Kelly Murdoch-Kitt and published
by Routledge, this peer-reviewed handbook helps people work, learn,
and communicate across cultures. Remote teams will find a practical
route to building meaningful relationships through visual thinking.
With over 30 hands-on activities, the text will be of great interest to
readers who want to enhance intercultural learning and co-working.

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