Senior Synthesis

This project emphasizes creative independence, agency, and self-initiated making that is oriented toward design practice in the greater contexts of design, industry, culture, and the world. This senior-level work asks students to hone their own creative practice and elucidate an original observation about a chosen topic-to make the audience reconsider the topic or see it in a new light.

As part of this process, students bring together design knowledge, skills, and experiences in order to synthesize those ideas into a cohesive body of work known as a thesis. To do this, the project engages with the multiple facets of design studies, serving as a proposition or argument explicated by design, research, and written components. The form that it takes is determined by the nature of the research, the proposal and its content: “Form-making in the service of an idea,” as Michael Vanderbyl has stated.

The project culminates in a thesis website and a group exhibition at VCUarts Qatar.

Co-taught with Basma Hamdy