MFA Advising 2017: Wajiha Pervez

Design for Disassembly: A circular approach
Wajiha Pervez
MFA Thesis

This study explores the possibilities of a more mindful approach to systems of production and consumption within a circular economy through material explorations using plastic from water bottles, paper from old newspaper and magazines, and fabric leftovers from pattern making. It considers the generative and renewable approaches in redefining how fashion engages with the components and raw materials of the industry. The research demonstrates a new approach to the production of hospitality accessories in an effort to develop new intersections between products, materials, and consumers. The accessories are designed using discarded, reformulated denim–an abundant and underutilized byproduct of the fashion industry­–to reduce waste that currently occurs every time hotel chains and airlines produce disposable giveaway products from new materials.

First Advisor: Denielle Emans
Second Advisor: Diane Derr
Third Advisor: Richard Blackwell
Fourth Advisor: Micheal Wirtz

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