MFA Advising 2017: Mona Makhlouf

Sound Perception: Encapsulating intangible voice memories in a physical memento
MFA Thesis
Mona Makhlouf

Certain sounds, like the voice of a loved one, have the power to trigger emotion and convey meaning due to the association between hearing, memory and specific events from one’s past. However, the value of sound is often taken for granted or viewed as secondary to visual perception. This thesis explores the value of sound perception by investigating two of its primary aspects–hearing and emotional response–in application to memory through a series of experiential objects that trigger the senses. The aim is to utilize design to memorialize precious sounds in order to raise awareness about the emotional value of sound to the human experience.

First Advisor: Denielle Emans
Second Advisor: Thomas Modeen
Third Advisor: Rab McClure
Fourth Advisor: Sean Roberts

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