Design for Social Change Exhibition

The Design for Social Change Storybook Exhibition explored the use of digital tools to engage children in a range of socially-motivated issues related to local resources and conservation in the United Arab Emirates. The topics included coral reef conservation, environmental disaster, Arabic language conservation, and the importance of educating children about autism.

Students invited parents, schoolteachers, school administrators, and select guests from across the Emirates to engage with the ideas generated during the course and the interactive features of the e-book. Following the exhibition, Jumaira Model School (K-9th grade) formally invited the class to participate in an event titled “Children storybook exhibition using iPad technology on the topic of local resources and conservation in the UAE.”  Not only were the school children attentive, engaged, and interested in the topics (providing tons of feedback), but, the school teachers were also excited to begin working with our burgeoning social designers.

Spring, 2013
Zayed University
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