Crossing the Emirates

The ‘Near End to the Far’ poster was featured in the ‘Crossing the Emirates II’ group exhibition at FN Gallery in Dubai during the months of May and June, 2012.

Storytelling is one of the most universal modes of communication across cultures, space, and time. Stories can engage the audience, transcend mediums, and help define personal identity. The examination and analysis of existing narratives is a wonderfully rich and expansive area for graphic design to explore.

This narrative collage celebrates a borderless desert where a moving center allows for a dynamic relationship with the margins. In this landscape, humanity interactively engages with the world, rather than seeks to disconnect from it. In doing so, the individual finds connectedness in “joining the near end to the far” as described by Bedouin poet, Shánfara in “Arabian ode in ‘L’” translated by Michael Sells.

Group Exhibition
May–June, 2012
FN Gallery, Dubai, UAE