Children’s Book

Author, illustrator, and designer of the multilingual children’s book ‘¿A Wojel Xunáan Ba’ax Juntúul Xuáan Kaab?’ (Do You Know a Melipona Bee?) published with the support of a grant from Zayed University.

The research behind the book focuses on the cultural perception, value, and need for indigenous language preservation while underscoring the importance of multilingual publications that enhance mother-tongue learning initiatives. The resulting children’s story is contextualized for the needs of Mayan children in the Yucatan Peninsula where publications that meet multilingual standards are rare at best. The story takes children on a journey through the forest, introducing readers to indigenous animals while a honeybee searches for the native melipona bee. The publication uses Maya, Spanish, and English in all components of the book while the indigenous language dominates hierarchically in layout, point size & color.

Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico