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As an active designer, Denielle’s principal area of concentration is participatory and collaborative design, with attention to the inclusion of diverse design approaches and outcomes. She describes her design practice as a universal language that works across disciplines, industries, and borders to move beyond consumer products to consider environments, interactive tools, and engaging experiences. Her work experience is as diverse as her clients, with projects conceived for global organizations such as the World Bank and small start-up companies such as Tilt Inc.

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Tasmeem 2019

I am genuinely sad to see Tasmeem 2019 come to a close! It has been a fantastic three-days of inspiring speakers, engaging workshops, and fun…

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Information+ Conference

The Information+ Conference 2018 was absolutely inspiring! This inter­disciplinary platform brought together a fantastic lineup of speakers who explored a range of historic and future…

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Design Blog and Journal

A space for reflection on teaching, learning, and design
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